GeorgeTown Slate

Georgetown Slate is Elevation Sourcing’s premier roofing slate line imported directly from China, Spain, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. With over 20 colors to choose from, our Georgetown Slate product line can sufficiently provide a variety of colors to satisfy any roofing contractors needs. All our primary colors meet industry standards.

Why Georgetown Slate?

At Elevation Sourcing, we like bringing our customers directly to the source. We act as your advocate, and your eyes and ears overseas. Are your prices in the United States too high? Are you being underbid by competitors who have lower cost suppliers? At Elevation Sourcing we make it our goal to find the product you need, and to find a price for that product to make your company competitive.

Direct from the Source

Georgetown Slate is imported directly from quarries in China, Spain, Brazil and Canada, meaning that you are getting a product directly from the source. This means that you save money, as parts of the supply chain have been cut out, bringing you directly to the source.

First Quality Slate

Georgetown Slate is regularly tested by an approved ASTM laboratory. We also personally inspect every container leaving our quarries with our people on the ground in these countries, meaning that every crate you receive from us will be in one piece, ready to be installed.

Roofing Slate