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Elevation Sourcing is a Finish Material Importer and Wholesaler in Dallas Texas.

Elevation Sourcing formerly known as Import Merchandising Concepts specializes in the direct import of many products for the New Home and Multi Living Residential Markets. Elevation Sourcing utilizes over 30 years of experience in the Import/Export business from the Far East.  Products are sourced, designed, developed, manufactured, shipped and delivered with a high standard of excellence and quality.   Cabinets, faucets, sinks, mirrors, tile, free standing tubs and wood flooring are just some the products available.  Another division of Elevation Sourcing is Georgetown Building Solutions, our premier Finish Material Supplier.

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Georgetown Building Solutions is Elevations Sourcing’s premier Finish Materials Supplier.

Georgetown Building Solutions supplies a wide range of finish out products to commercial and residential developers, large volume home builders, and wholesale distributors. Please click the logo above to find out more about Georgetown Building Solutions and see our full inventory. 

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